An Update To My Experience With GreenP Mobile Payment For Parking

I have an update on my attempts to get $13.10 moved from one GreenP parking account to another. I got a phone call this morning from GreenP. As you recall when I initially called into them, I was dumped to a person’s voice mail. Keep in mind that this episode started on December 9th and today is December 14th. So that is a pretty long time to take to return a voice mail. Now, someone reading this will say that maybe they were out of the office or on vacation. That may be true, but their voice mail didn’t indicate that if that was the case. With customers who I consult on good customer service practices, I always recommend that you change your voice mail to indicate if you will be out of the office for an extended period of time, and whom one could go to to assist with whatever a customer could be calling about. That way a customer doesn’t feel like they have been forgotten about.

In any case, the person was nice enough to pull up my case and see what I was looking for. Then she said “Oh, that’s pretty straightforward. I’ll transfer those funds over in the next few minutes. I’ll send you an e-mail to follow up when I am done. Or you can check your GreenP app to see if the funds are there.”

About five minutes after I hung up from this call, I got an e-mail on my personal e-mail account that my old account had been closed. That prompted me to check the GreenP app on my phone where I saw this:


Within a minute, I got a e-mail saying that my new account had been adjusted with the dollar value above. A couple of minutes after that, I got an e-mail informing me that the funds had been transferred. It also said this:

Once again, I apologize for the poor customer service you received when you first called in.

As a token of our appreciation to you as a valued customer, we would like to offer you a one-time use coupon for up to $4.00 off your next active Mobile Parking session.

I’ll give them points for trying to make up for this. Not all companies do that as they believe solving the problem is enough. By doing this it also may make me more likely to use the app in the future. More on that in a second. I didn’t bring up the fact that I had a negative experience when this person phoned me back. So she either sensed my frustration in my voice mail, or someone at GreenP read my original post on this. Only they know which.

So….. At this point I have accomplished my goal move funds from one account to another. Though I have to wonder why this wasn’t done sooner and with less effort? Hopefully GreenP adjusts their processes to account for this use case so that others in this situation can get it addressed far easier and faster than I did. As for if I will continue to use the app. Well, the $4 electronic coupon is an incentive to use it for a little while longer. Then we’ll see if this app stays on my phone. And part of that will be influenced by any future interactions that I have with GreenP’s customer service team as customer service influences whether a customer stays with a product or dumps it.


2 Responses to “An Update To My Experience With GreenP Mobile Payment For Parking”

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