The Opening Of Citrix Canada’s New Canadian Office

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Citrix Canada’s opening of their new office in Markham Ontario yesterday. I have to admit that a lot of these sort of events are typically not that interesting. Sure you get some drinks and some moderately cool swag. But that’s really about it. This one was very different. Let me explain why:


Michael Murphy, VP & country manager of Citrix Canada kicked off the festivities by speaking about how he arrived at setting up shop in Markham Ontario. 


Markham Ontario Mayor Frank Scarpitti joined in by expressing the fact that more high tech companies are in Markham than most other places in Ontario. Besides welcoming Citrx to the neighborhood, he’s also a happy customer of the company. 


There were demos to be had at the event. Two things that jumped out of me is the new capabilities of ShareFile which now allows users to collaborate with each other on any platform, the ability to do version control, and being able to better control who sees your files when they leave your computer. The other thing that jumped out at me was a demo of SD-WAN which I wrote about here. I understood what SD-WAN did in terms of how it could take multiple routes to the Internet and route traffic to the best route or routes. But seeing how well it worked to do not only that, but to ensure that your Internet access speed is optimized first hand was extremely enlightening. I encourage you to see a SD-WAN demo if one is offered to you. You’ll be impressed.


For fun, Citrix set up a VR demo that was extremely engaging. I tried it out and I was impressed by the quality of this VR demo. Who says VR is dead?


One thing that I should point out that Citrix Canada’s office is only 5000 square feet. That’s not a whole lot of real estate. But they don’t need it as most of their staff works remotely leveraging the same technology that they sell to their customers to do so. But there are times that people need to meet and work together. Thus they have desks like these with phones. You’ll note that behind the phone is a place where you can plug into AC and Ethernet. There’s also small and large meeting rooms as well.

I really enjoyed my visit to Citrix’s new offices. Yes, I got some drinks and some cool swag. But I also got to see their cutting edge tech in action, and I got to see the fact that they actually use their own technology to conduct business. It impressed me, and I am sure it will impress others as well.



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