Uber Self Driving Cars Run Red Lights In SF

Uber wants to have self driving cars ferry people from point A to B in the worst way. They’ve started pilot testing in a few cities, and have argued that they don’t need permits in California to test self driving cars. Though the state argues otherwise. Here’s something that won’t help Uber. Several self-driving Ubers car ran red lights in downtown San Francisco on Wednesday morning, just hours after the company launched a partnership with Volvo for self driving cars. One incident was captured on a dashcam as seen below:

Similar incidents have been reported throughout the city today, according to the San Francisco Examiner as well.

Now here’s where it gets funny. This is what Uber had to say when they were called on incidents like the one above:

“These incidents were due to human error,” an Uber spokeswoman said. “These vehicles were not part of the pilot and were not carrying customers. The drivers involved have been suspended while we continue to investigate.”

Really? Am I the only one here who finds this to be a bit lame?

Uber has once again gone back to their old tricks of saying that the rules don’t apply to them. But this time it backfired on them. And I hope the state of California drops the hammer on these guys as thumbing your nose at the rules is not a viable business model. It is simply illegal.


2 Responses to “Uber Self Driving Cars Run Red Lights In SF”

  1. […] recall that I posted a story about Uber  having a fleet of self driving vehicles in San Francisco, that had a habit of running red lights, and not wanting to get proper permits from the state of Cali…. The news is now out that the state of California as effectively killed this […]

  2. […] their strategy of thumbing their noses at rules and regulations to new lows this year when they tried to put self driving cars onto the streets of San Francisco without the proper permits, and then were forced to pull them after the California DMV got involved. But not before those […]

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