Netgear Rolls Out New Router Firmware To Fix Epic Security Issue

If you have a Netgear router, you need to immediately check to see if you have a firmware update below. If you do, download it and install it as fast as you can to protect your router from being recruited into a botnet for a distributed denial of service attack.

Firmware that is available now to prevent this is listed below:

Download NETGEAR R6400 Firmware

Download NETGEAR R7000 Firmware

Download NETGEAR R8000 Firmware

Download NETGEAR R6250 Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR R6700 Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR R6900 Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR R7100LG Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR R7300DST Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR R7900 Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR D6220 Firmware Beta

Download NETGEAR D6400 Firmware Beta

You’ll note that some of these links say “Beta” which might make you nervous. And it should. Netgear notes that as a beta firmware it hasn’t been fully tested and may not work for some users. But having said that, you can make an argument that some protection from this threat is better than none. Netgear also says that it is continuing to review all of its products to determine if any others are vulnerable to this attack. Any other devices found to suffer from the vulnerability will be patched ASAP.


2 Responses to “Netgear Rolls Out New Router Firmware To Fix Epic Security Issue”

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