Rogers Rolling Out New Modem/Routers For Ignite Internet…. Why You Should Care

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from Rogers saying that I had to swap my cable modem/router for my Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet for a new one within the next 30 days or so. That got my attention, so I unplugged my existing modem/router and took it to my local Rogers store for whatever new one that they were offering. I got this in exchange for my old modem/router: IMG_0049.JPG

Meet the Hitron CODA-4582 modem. It looks like a copy of an Apple AirPort Extreme router. A cheap copy. Enough on the looks front. If you at the back, nothing much has changed: 


You get four gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port for hooking up a USB disk. If you want to use it as your router and leverage the built in WiFi, there will be no worries there. It supports 802.11ac WiFi. I disabled that functionality along with the routing capabilities as I only run cable and DSL modems in bridge mode so that I can use my own router. A couple of notes on that:

  • To set up the modem/router, you connect to a WiFi SSID that ends in the word “EasyConnect” and walk through the setup of the WiFi portion of the modem/router. The modem/router then reboots and it’s live at that point. You should make a note of whatever password that you use to set up the WiFi as you’ll need it shortly.
  • You then have to log in to disable the WiFi and routing functions. The username is still “cusadmin” (without the quotes). But what Rogers has done is made the login password for the modem/router the same as whatever password you used to set up the WiFi above. That makes the modem/router more secure.
  • You can then click “Basic” and under “Gateway Function” click disable.

The modem/router will then reboot and you’re in bridge mode. Just a thought, you should just be able to put it into bridge mode from the get go. That would save me a whole lot of time. Another note, you can still log into the modem/router if you have to by going to

But the big deal is found under the hood:

  • It has the Intel Puma 7 chipset which should make this modem perform much better than Rogers previous modems which tended to have Puma 6 chipsets. That means faster Internet for you because there’s less latency in this chipset and it will support up to 10Gbps speeds downstream. The former was a major problem for Rogers users who played online games on Rogers Internet. Those users often complained about lag and latency while trying to pwn their opponents. With this modem/router, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.
  • It is DOCSIS 3.1 compliant which means that this modem will support 10Gbps downstream and 1Gbps upstream speeds. Rogers is in the process of rolling this out to facilitate faster speeds on its network.
  • It supports IPv6 which Rogers along with a lot of other ISPs are moving towards to support the insane amount of devices and “things” that are now on the Intenet.

And judging from the fact that they e-mailed me and gave me a deadline to swap my modem, Rogers clearly wants to get their older modem/routers out of circulation quickly so that they can move forward with their network upgrades.

Now I was able to plug in the modem/router, get it online, and put it brige mode, all without having to call Rogers. I was impressed by that as my experience with making any sort of change with any of my Rogers services has tended to be a negative experience as it would go sideways in some way. Case in point, my attempt to get Rogers Ignite Gigabit which to be fair, eventually did get sorted out. Another thing that I was impressed with was the speed. This is the speed that I got with my old modem/router via Ethernet at the router:



That’s pretty good. Here’s what I am getting now from the new modem/router:Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 6.00.44 PM.png

Now that’s a huge increase in my downstream speed. One other thing that was interesting to see is that I am also seeing these speeds from my router. The previous Rogers router/modem would give up about 50 Mbps to my router. This one is giving up nothing. Proof positive that this is a better performing router/modem. I hope to get better results when DOCSIS 3.1 gets rolled out. The word on the streets is that it will happen sometime in February 2017.

If you have Rogers Ignite 100, 250, or Gigabit, Rogers should reaching out to you via e-mail to get you to swap your modem/router. Thus if you get one of these e-mails, you should run with your old modem/router to your nearest Rogers store to swap it out. If you don’t get an e-mail from Rogers, try taking your Rogers modem/router into one of their stores to see if you can get it swapped. You will thank me for doing so.

UPDATE: For some reason, the wrong version of this story was posted from my content management system. The proper version is now online.


36 Responses to “Rogers Rolling Out New Modem/Routers For Ignite Internet…. Why You Should Care”

  1. Interesting. My Bell HomeHub 3000 (with Bell’s 1GB service) reports 1.29Gbps down, 123Mbps up. For the last two years, since I had fibre to the home installed, Bell has continually surpassed the rated speeds. As a video producer, I really appreciate the fast uploads.

    • I didn’t write it in my article, but I think Bell is another factor here. Anywhere that Bell has Gigabit Fibe, Rogers aggressively discounts their offering. I think it’s because that Bell apparently does a much better job of having customers get at or above the speeds that the advertise and they have been rolling it out much more aggressively. I do have Bell Fibe as an option and when my current deal with Rogers is up, I will seriously be considering it.

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  5. I picked up the new modem yesterday, as you said it was simple to config and all i had to do was plug ethernet into the router and into my laptop and wizard did most of the work. However, speeds are slower now for some reason. I tried multiple diff channels and my gig internet only gets about 250mbps at its best time in my speedtests with wired connection. Hoping this is a firmware issue, last modem got upwards of 500.

    • File a ticket with Rogers. This is not a firmware issue. Your experience is typical for some who get this modem. Also check to make sure you have the latest version of this modem which has a black dot somewhere on it.

    • Did you get to the bottom of this I have same issue.

      • For now, things are working more or less for me. If you do a search for “Rogers” you will see the hoops that I had to go through to get to that point.

  6. hussain ali Says:

    All as you said, however the wireless signal is little weak and very low in about 20f away or in the basement, I have apple router and the signal is very strong, too bad I have to bridge it now and disable wireless on it.

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  11. 8675309 Says:

    Have had nothing but problems with this modem. Tech from ramkey came over removed an old amp insisted to put it back into accesspoint mode 30mins. later similar issues crept back. Its no suprise that the US cable isps are using the non-gateway version right now

  12. […] live with that. But this wasn’t there before Rogers rather problematic rollout of DOCSIS 3.1 which I have documented here since late last year. Thus it is safe to say that Rogers still has a […]

  13. I recently installed one of these and my wired download speed dropped to 25-30mps I only have 70mps package but I am consistently getting 70-85mps wifi on 5g. Any ideas on why my ethernet is so slow? I have the unit with the black dot on it. I have switched out one already but same deal. For reference I was consistently getting 95-98mps on ethernet with my older modem but had slower wifi on that model. This seems to suggest that the modem is an issue. Could it be firmware related? I know someone suggested that firmware is not the issue but I am not sure where to look at this point. I have requested a rogers ticket but am not confident that they can solve this issue. It is important to not that the only change has been this modem.

    Thanks any feedback would be much appreciated.

    • There are firmware issues. But Rogers is rolling out a new firmware this week that seems to address some issues. It could also be infrastructure as well. I would call tech support and have them test your connection to see if there’s anything amiss.

    • Are there any amp/splitters in its path? 1 thing ive noticed switching back to a cgn3xxx its sensitive enough to now suddenly report errors relating to bad amplifers

  14. Awesome info in here.
    I used to have Hitron CGN3-AMR. But it would drop all connections and restart itself every 2 days. I filed a complaint and they send a TECHNICIAN, and he replaced that modem with the new Hitron CODA-4582. Since then the connectivity is good but the issue still persists. instead of every 2 days, this one restarts itself every 7-8 days.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue?

    P.S. i am on Rogers ignite 100u (100Mbps down and 10 Mbps up) but my downspeed has never crossed 30Mbps.

  15. The easy connect setup is now avaible in the cgn series aswell & is a hit & run tweak just skinned in rogers red

  16. Man you complain a lot.

  17. Just got Rogers hitron and returning it. Wifi sucks and high radiation levels. May have to go back to bell.

  18. Ira Jacobs Says:

    I got the same thing just now – Oct 10, 2017. Another upgrade in under a year? I’m skeptical that it won’t necessarily be an upgrade…

  19. Thanks for the information. I recently installed the Hitron Coda 4582u so that we could receive the unlimited internet package from rogers.
    When i made the decision to swap my old motorola modem out for this new tech modem, i was not aware that the Hitron was a wireless modem.

    I have deep concerns about the harmful effects of wifi and want to use just the ethernet ports to wire my devices to the internet.
    Can i achieve this by having the Hitron modem put in bridge mode?

    Thanks ,


    • Yes. Once you do the initial setup of the modem, simply do this:

      1. Log into the modem
      2., Click on “Gateway Function”
      3. Set “Residential Gateway Function” to “Disable”

      Save it and the modem will reboot. That will put it into bridge mode.

  20. Barry Holtzkener Says:

    I live in a condo with many Wifi access points. I am seeing WiFi congestion (MAC WiFi Scanner app) in both of the two 5G channel sets available on my CODA-4582 Modem Router.
    The channels are: Uni-1(36 40 44 48) and Uni-3 (149 153 157 161).
    Uni-1 and Uni2 ext have no traffic.
    Has anyone been able to access these now unused band sets?

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  22. Hugh Clemence Says:

    I used a Bell router modem for years, Home Hub 3000 and it seemed AOK. However, Rogers offered me a great price attractive package for internet and cable TV that was presented as equal or better than Bell. My new Rogers TV seems fine but my new router, a Hitron Model CGN3 has created a problem. My HP printer will print okay but not scan. The tech people at HP tell me this model of Hitron is not adequate to perform the scan function. They say get a better router. Rogers people say it should be fine, but I can get their better router if I pay $23 extra per month for it. Considering I was promised a service “equal or better than Bell”, I don’t want to pay such up-charges. Does anyone know if Rogers stronger modem will fix my problem? Scanning photos and documents is important to me. In a pinch, I can hard wire my computer and printer to perhaps solve the problem but I would prefer wi-fi connectivity if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

    • Barry Holtzkener Says:

      I have an HP all-in-one printer 8600 running on an Rogers CODA 4582U modem. Performance is great. I also have a Apple mac system.
      If ROGERS said it was equal to or better than BELL, then the scanning function should work too.
      Remind them of what they said it would be better and insist they provide the modem, included.

      • I have had clients who have had weird issues with Rogers modems along the lines of what is being mentioned here. The only way I have found to solve them is to put the Rogers modem into bridge mode and use your own router instead. Not only does that give you complete control over your network, but it’s likely far more secure as well. It also makes life easier when you decide to flip ISP’s as you don’t have to reconfigure your network. At most you may have to change a setting or two on your router.

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  24. what lights should be on when using internet and how many are green and how many flashing

  25. […] Rogers Rolling Out New Modem/Routers For Ignite Internet…. Why You Should Care […]

  26. […] Rogers Rolling Out New Modem/Routers For Ignite Internet…. Why You Should Care […]

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