So I Gave The GreenP Mobile Parking App Another Try….

After running into issues with the GreenP Mobile Parking app and struggling to get them resolved, I was not exactly enthusiastic about using the app again. But yesterday I got a chance to do so as I visited a residential client in the northern end of Toronto. The client in question lives in a condo, but there’s four parking spaces of street level parking managed by GreenP. When I parked there, I noticed this:


Up until now, you could only use the GreenP app to pay for parking in one of their lots. But apparently you can now use it for on street parking, which I later found out that this new functionality was announced by GreenP that very day. So I decided to give it a shot. I had only expected to be there for 15 minutes to fix that Windows 10 update issue that takes computers offline. But in my line of work, the unexpected can often make an appearance, so I decided on an hour of parking. After entering the location number, I was able to pay for parking within 30 seconds. That was cool. What was even cooler is that when the unexpected did make an appearance in the form of a Windows 10 driver issue that kept the computer from booting, I was able to extend my parking time without having to run out to my vehicle to do so as the app warned me when I was about to run out of time, which gave me time to take action. That too was very cool.

One other thing that I noted was this:


They now allow you to refill your GreenP mobile account from PayPal. That will really appeal to a lot of people out there who don’t want to use their credit card for this sort of thing.

I have to admit that GreenP has the right idea here as they make it very easy for people to pay for parking and manage that. If they iron out the issues that I experienced recently, this app will be a winner. Let’s hope they do.


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