Bell, Rogers & Vidéotron Targeting Android TV Box Sellers…. Why This Is A #Fail

The CBC reported yesterday that Bell, Rogers and Vidéotron are using the court system to go after those in Canada who sell Android TV boxes which give you “free TV”. All you need to do is to supply high speed Internet and you’re good to go. Now you can completely understand why those three companies want to take out people who sell boxes like these. They see it as copyright infringement and they feel that they have to go after them. There’s a second reason though. They’re also afraid that people who have these boxes will cut the cord which will cut off some lucrative revenue from those customers. The cynic in me says that it’s more the second reason than the first. Regardless, there’s a problem with what they’re doing. It’s not going to work.

The fact that Canadians are gravitating towards these boxes is a sign as obvious as the Bat Signal that Bell, Rogers & Vidéotron are not meeting the needs of Canadians with what they offer for TV services. I’ve always said that if you offer consumers a decent product for a fair price, they will have zero incentive to pirate anything. Unfortunately none of these companies do that. As a result you have this situation. If Bell, Rogers & Vidéotron really wanted to address this, they could simply provide more choice at lower prices. If they did, the Android box market would be dead tomorrow.

But clearly these three companies don’t see things that way and it’s going to cost them in the end because as fast as they try to take one of these sellers out, two more will pop in their place. Plus there’s also the option of customers building their own Android TV boxes which frankly isn’t that hard. So what are they going to do then? Hunt down every subscriber and sue them? That wouldn’t be really productive or cost effective. Not to mention that the optics of that would really suck.

The cable TV companies have to simply admit that this horse has already left the barn. Thus they should address the real issue which is their pricing and the lack of choice. If they did that, I believe that they would find it to be more effective in encouraging consumers not to cut the cord.

So how about it Bell, Rogers and Vidéotron?


2 Responses to “Bell, Rogers & Vidéotron Targeting Android TV Box Sellers…. Why This Is A #Fail”

  1. JF Laplante Says:

    I agree with that 100%. I’ve personally cut the cable a long time ago. This case is similar to music industry who tried to resist the digital revolution to preserve its business model. This led to resourceful people developing means to get what the music industry didn’t want to give them (Napster and everything after).

    Most people are honest and don’t want to steal. They just want to pay a fair price and that was not possible anymore. Nowadays, more and more artists do business directly with the apple, google and spotify of this world. They skip the music distributors as they are no longer needed. They have made themselves irrelevant.

    The TV industry has the possibility to avoid the disaster but will it? Doesn’t look good from where I’m standing… Same as the music industry, the cable/satellite distributors will make themselves irrelevant as cable channels will eventually favor a streaming model like youtube, netflix, amazon and hulu skipping the distributors altogether.

  2. All will always be contradictory, the company will always want as much profit while the user wants something cheap in the midst of economic difficulties

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