Uber’s Self Driving Experiment Terminated By The State Of California

You might recall that I posted a story about Uber  having a fleet of self driving vehicles in San Francisco, that had a habit of running red lights, and not wanting to get proper permits from the state of California to do so. The news is now out that the state of California has effectively killed this exercise:

Uber has confirmed that it will stop its self-driving pilot in San Francisco, following a meeting today with the California DMV and Attorney General’s office. The DMV revoked the registration on 16 self-driving test vehicles Uber was using in its pilot.

The DMV tells TechCrunch that it invited Uber to complete its permitting process at the same time it revoked it the vehicle registrations. Uber told TechCrunch that it will instead be looking to deploy the vehicles elsewhere for the time being.

I applaud the state for putting an end to this. As I have said many times before, Uber’s habit of claiming that rules and laws don’t apply to them is something that should not be embraced or encouraged. The fact that they want to find other places to run these vehicles does bother me though as I suspect that Uber will just do what they did in California and see how far it gets them.


One Response to “Uber’s Self Driving Experiment Terminated By The State Of California”

  1. […] put self driving cars onto the streets of San Francisco without the proper permits, and then were forced to pull them after the California DMV got involved. But not before those vehicles ran a few red lights in the process. But it didn’t end there, […]

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