Leaked Documents Reveal The Types Of Data Cellebrite Can Extract From iPhones

You might recall that an Israeli company called Cellebrite became famous when the FBI tried to unlock the San Bernardino Shooters iPhone earlier this year. Now the FBI didn’t actually use the company to get access to the iPhone in question, though there were rumors that they did, but ZDNet has obtained documents that reveal the scope of what this company can get from an iPhone. On top of that, Motherboard has more on how Cellebrite’s extraction process works. But in short, they are able to grab call logs, location based data, messages, notes, contacts, and voice mails along other items. Now one thing that should be noted is that Cellebrite says that its UFED device which is the device used to get everything that I mentioned cannot crack passcodes on iPhone 5s and later. iPhone 5s and later come with a secure enclave co-processor that makes it even more difficult to crack.

The take home message here is that if you have an iPhone, make sure it’s a recent one and put a passcode on it to significantly lower the chances that someone will get access to your stuff.





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