iPhone Hacker Cellebrite Gets Pwned

Israeli firm Cellebrite got into the public eye for two reasons. First, they were known for breaking into iPhones for law enforcement. Second, they were tied, perhaps erroneously to the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone. Now they’re in the eye again for being hacked. A notice on Cellebrite’s website alerting to the breach explains it took place on an external web server, and that it is investigating the full extent of the hack. According to Motherboard  approximately 900 gigabytes of data was snatched including customer information, technical data about Cellebrite’s products and evidence files from seized mobile phones. 

I’m sure they are not happy about that.

If you’ve done business with them, you might want to change any passwords that are associated with the company.


One Response to “iPhone Hacker Cellebrite Gets Pwned”

  1. […] while ago I reported that Israel-based mobile phone forensics company Cellebrite was hacked by unknown actors. At the time, it was said that only customer data was stolen. It now appears that this is no longer […]

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