Rogers Botches A Customer Service Interaction, Then Rescues It In The Nick Of Time

I have been covering Rogers for years, and I am sometimes amazed at the sort of things that Rogers does to upset their customer base. But this one truly has me picking my jaw off the ground. I was pointed towards a post on where a Rogers customer wanted to give the telco more of his money by upgrading his Internet package. So he phoned to do so. But things went sideways when the telco insisted on a PIN number that he had and had never had.

-Fast-forward to November 2016 and I called Rogers on the phone to upgrade my internet to “Ignite 100”. After 17 years they asked me for a “pin number”. What pin number? Nobody has ever called me from Rogers to tell me to create one and for all these years I have never been asked for a pin number. The Rogers CSR on the phone told me he could not do anything about it if I didn’t have my pin and basically told me to take a hike.

-I called Rogers again and they gave me the same story “Can’t do anything if you don’t have a pin”, when I asked them when did they told me to create a pin they did not have an answer, they just told me that “everybody had one”. No incompetent Rogers CSR on the phone knew when this pin idea had been enacted nor how did customers gave them their created pins.

-I called Rogers a 3rd time and this time the CSR on the phone told me that the account was not under my name but under my mother’s name!! And that he could not proceed any further because it was someone else’s account. God knows how in hell Rogers mixed my mother with my account (My Mom has had rogers cellphones in the past and we both live in the same address). The CSR told us to go to a Rogers store with our ID’s and to straighten things out.

No problem he thought after trying to resolve this over the phone. He figured that he would go into a store and get this sorted. Here’s what happened next:

-I arrived at a Rogers store with my Mom with both our ID’s on hand and the gentlemen there (named Ben) called Rogers headquaters from the store phone. The CSR on the phone again asked for a “pin”. Ben told him that we didn’t have a pin but that we were both there with our ID’s to resolve the matter. The CSR told Ben that without a pin he “could not go any further”. Can you guys grasp the amount of stupidity by Rogers here?? Ben again informed the CSR that we were there to resolve exactly that matter in person with our driver’s licences in our hands. The CSR on the phone then asked what was my birthdate. Told him and he said “Sorry the birthdate on the account does not match with the birthdate you are giving me”. He then talked to Ben and basically told him that he could not verify nor go any further with me because I was unable to give him my correct birthdate. You idiot, I’m standing there in person with my driver’s licence and health card but you cannot verify me because you have a wrong birthdate on your computer?

-At this point I just gave up and told Ben to tell the CSR to cancel my service and that I would go with Teksavvy. The CSR told Ben that he could not cancel my service until I told him the pin number and the correct birthdate.

-You guys are NOT going to believe this. This moron CSR told Ben that he could not do anything for me because he could not personally see me to match the pic on the driver’s licence with my face. Even the Rogers store employee Ben was shocked at this and told him “But I’m looking at him, he is in front of me and I have his licence in my hands” and gave the CSR the store number ID. The CSR told Ben that even though he could verify me, he himself could not and basically just said goodbye and hanged up.

-At this point I turned my phone camera “on” and started recording so I would have proof that Rogers had refused to cancel my service because I planned on blocking my credit card and filmed just in case they would send me to collections.

-Then out of thin air an excellent Rogers employee by the name of “Luca” came over and asked what was happening and I told him that Rogers would not cancel my service nor acknowledge me even though I had 2 ID’s with me. This guy said “Okay I will fix this, don’t know what Rogers problem is” and with a few clicks of the keyboard gave me what I wanted, he told me “Don’t know what the problem was, you have ID, so there should had not been a problem to begin with”. And that was that, Luca gave me another modem for my Ignite 100 and sent me out the door very happy.

I’ll let you watch the video:

Now I am guessing that some of this whole episode is a side effect of that infamous Rogers lawsuit from a few years ago. And I completely understand that they have to protect their customer’s personal info. But this really does scream of incompetence when someone walks into a store with ID to work with a Rogers employee and they still get this treatment. Clearly Rogers yet again has some work to do on the customer service front as this seriously went sideways.

UPDATE: It only took ten minutes, but I have received e-mails from Rogers customers who have had similar experiences with being asked for a PIN that they never set up. Clearly Rogers has an issue here that they need to get sorted as it is clearly ticking off their customer base.


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