Oh Noes! A Samsung Galaxy G5 Caught Fire In Toronto

If you thought the story of Samsung phones catching fire was over and done with, think again. The CBC is reporting that a Samsung phone caught fire in his bedroom. But it wasn’t the infamous Galaxy Note 7. It was the G5:

Mario Jakab went to bed around midnight on Tuesday, and woke up from the heat and firework-like sounds coming from his bedside table.

“I jumped out of bed, alerted my girlfriend because I wasn’t sure if anything was going to catch fire,” said Jakab. “I waited for the fire to go out, because I’m not touching a flame.”

Samsung has recalled batteries on the Galaxy Note 7 models, after the devices started catching fire. The S5 model is not included in the recall. This appears to be one of the first reports of an S5 catching fire, though a lawsuit filed in the U.S. alleges the exploding phone problem extends to several other smartphones.

Samsung sent out an engineer to see the remains of the phone. They didn’t respond to CBC’s request for a comment. Even before we know what the cause of this is, the optics suck for Samsung as it will likely be perceived by those who read this that they have a systemic problem with all their phones. Now that might be true, but it could also be a single phone with an issue. After all, this sort of thing happens to the odd iPhone. But I will point out that  I covered exploding Samsung smartphones twice in 2013 and 2014. So this isn’t new. Thus Samsung needs to explain this before this becomes a bigger problem.


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