Microsoft Goes After Chrome Users With A Pop-Up Ad

Microsoft since Windows 10 appeared have done some really invasive things to collect data. And despite some privacy related changes that are coming soon, they seem to want to expand upon how invasive they are. Exhibit A on that front is the news that Google Chrome users on Windows 10 are apparently being treated to a new experience: a pop-up ad. Here’s the details via PC Magazine:

If you have Chrome installed and the icon present on the Windows Taskbar, chances are you’re going to start seeing a pop-up advert appear suggesting you install Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant Chrome extension. Microsoft touts it as “Your smart shopping cart across the web.” Opting to install the extension results in Microsoft monitoring which products you’ve searched for and viewed while using Chrome, and then offering to compare those products to find the best price. There’s also alerts when prices change, and the ability to track products across all your devices. Of course, Microsoft will make money if you opt to purchase any products using the Assistant.

Well. Isn’t that special. I’m sure that Microsoft things this is a great idea, but users sure don’t. I guess that whatever data Microsoft collects is worth annoying their user base.


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