Viral Chinese Selfie App Meitu Phones Home

The Meitu selfie app that is the app to have on your phone at the moment aggressively your personal data researchers say. Said researchers have discovered that the app harvests information about the devices on which it runs, includes invasive advertising tracking features and is just badly coded overall:

Meitu, a Chinese production, includes in its code up to three checks to determine if an iPhone handset is jailbroken, according to respected forensics man Jonathan Zdziarski, a function to grab mobile provider information, and various analytics capabilities. Zdziarski says the app also appears to build a unique device profile based in part on a handset’s MAC address. “Meitu is a throw-together of multiple analytics and marketing/ad tracking packages, with something cute to get people to use it,” Zdziarski says. Unique phone IMEI numbers are shipped to dozens of Chinese servers, malware researcher FourOctets found.

Well, that’s pretty bad. My advice is to pull it from your phone. Like right now. Clearly this is an app that cannot be trusted. Oh by the way, this is a perfect example as to why you should never jailbreak your phone because the fact that the app checks for that is really really bad.



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