Samsung Serves Up Details On Note 7 Fiasco

At a press conference today, Samsung served up the details on what factors were behind the Note 7 disaster that involved phones catching fire and exploding right left and center. With the help of two independent testing labs, Samsung built a large-scale test facility to automate different charging and discharging scenarios. They also looked at logistics and other factors. The results were: 

  • The original Note 7 battery had a design flaw in the top-right corner that was liable to short-circuit.
  • Batteries in replacement units were prone to combustion because of a welding defect.

  • Some handsets were also missing insulation tape.

Here’s an infographic on what Samsung found in detail:


Samsung said it was introducing an 8-point Battery Safety Check that includes additional inspection, testing and training. In addition, it explained that more space would be allowed around the batteries in its handsets to protect them from impact-related failures, and Samsung said it would take steps to improve its battery diagnostic and controller software.



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