Fix For LG’s UltraFine 5K Display WiFi Router Issues Is Coming Says LG

Earlier this week, I posted a story about the issues that the Apple recommended LG UltraFine 5K Display has when it is within 2m of a WiFi router. It now looks like LG is going to do something about it. According to Recode, LG is going to fix the problem by inserting additional shielding into newly manufactured models, which should protect against the electromagnetic radiation from routers that is likely causing the issues. For the ones that are already in customers hands, they will have to reach out to LG to get those retrofitted.

That begs the question. Why wasn’t this caught prior to them being shipped to customers? I ask that because it really seems that LG seriously dropped the ball here. And Apple can’t escape taking some of the blame here as they recommend this monitor, thus you think they would have tried a couple of these out to see if they play nice when they are close to a WiFi router. After all that is a common scenario for users that you’d think that someone would have tested.


One Response to “Fix For LG’s UltraFine 5K Display WiFi Router Issues Is Coming Says LG”

  1. […] LG UltraFine 5K monitor having issues when placed near WiFi access points, and reports of a fix being inbound, we now have this ebarrasing situation for Apple. According to AppleInsider, sales of this monitor […]

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