Hyundai Sonata Owners In Canada Find A Way To Get Android Auto & Apple CarPlay On Their Vehicles

One of the things that I have wondered for a while now is when some enterprising owner of a Hyundai vehicle in Canada was going to find a way to get a update to their infotainment system that gives them Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As those who have followed this story know, MnSOFT who is responsible for these updates has a paid update for 2016 Tucson and Elantra GT owners, and Hyundai Canadaonly has updates for a handful of 2017 vehicles.

Today appears to be that day.

I got tipped off by a reader of this blog today that a Canadian has posted instructions on the Hyundai Forums on how to take what appears to me to be a Hyundai supplied update file (as the location that is in the thread on Hyundai Forums is hosted on a server with a Hyundai domain) and make it work on the Canadian version of the Hyundai Sonata. Now it goes without saying that this is completely unsupported by Hyundai Canada and if you brick your cars infotainment system, it’s totally on you and your wallet. But reading through the instructions, I believe that this is likely to open the floodgates for owners of other Hyundai vehicles in Canada. Not to mention people in other geographies such as Australia who have been clamoring for an update like this. I say that because I read through the instructions, and for a reasonably tech savvy person this the process to make this work isn’t really difficult. Thus if you assume that the rest of Hyundai’s lineup works the same way, you should expect to see similar updates start to appear for other Hyundai Canada vehicles really soon now.

The other thing this does is it will likely create another optics issue for Hyundai Canada to deal with. I say that because even though what has been done here is completely unsupported, it as I mentioned before doesn’t appear to have been difficult to do. So you can fully expect people to accuse them of a variety of things in regards to not being able to bring updates like this to their customers. Thus if I were them, I’d be working on some talking points to cover off the fact that this update is unsupported and the fact that it appears to be really easy to do.

14 Responses to “Hyundai Sonata Owners In Canada Find A Way To Get Android Auto & Apple CarPlay On Their Vehicles”

  1. A curious individual Says:

    I haven’t checked but would it work on a Sonata Hybrid 2016 (ultimate) ?

  2. I am trying to catch up on your posts since last February. I purchased a 2016 Tuscon Limited in November. From what I am reading it seems that the only option is to purchase from the navsystems company the update to make android auto work. Is this correct?

  3. Is there an update on whether or not this really works? I’d love to update to Android Auto in my 2016 Sonata Limited. Thanks.

  4. 2016 is tough, check the posts here

    We ned more IT experts especially about thus SHA 512 confusion

    • Good news- I had updated my maps to 10.5 which isi why I couldn’t install the workaround hack posted on link above. I experimented with purchasing 11.5 US and Canadian versions, swapped the update files and updated certificate and checksum values ( posted in that thread ) and voila! Its even better with a jail broken iPhone

  5. Update – 2016 Model also successful via above method. Shame on Hyundai for telling Sonata users they couldn’t create s/w due to Language issues and blocking Mnsoft from creating it.

  6. Hyundai just released software for a number of new models and years. Check

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