#Fail: Apple Suspends Sales Of LG’s UltraFine 5K Monitor Over WiFi Interference Issues

After reports of the Apple recommended LG UltraFine 5K monitor having issues when placed near WiFi access points, and reports of a fix being inbound, we now have this ebarrasing situation for Apple. According to AppleInsider, sales of this monitor have been halted:

Separately, AppleInsider has confirmed the organized removal from sale of the Thunderbolt 3 display. Sources inside Apple not authorized to speak on behalf of the company indicated that retail locations are retaining demonstration displays, but not selling any stock on-hand that it may receive that may actually have the shielding fix, nor filling any pending orders until otherwise informed.

This is now an #EpicFail for Apple. They exited the monitor business and got LG to build a monitor for them which has promptly proven to be unusable in a use case that a lot of people, myself included, would use the monitor in. You have to wonder what conversations are going on at 1 Infinite Loop right now. After all, it is not as if users of the new MacBook Pro have many other options for a monitor that’s well suited for their shiny new notebook from Apple.


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