Loblaw Resets The Passwords Of ALL PC Points Users For Security Reasons

It seems that the hack of the Loblaw PC Points rewards program isn’t going away as every member of the rewards program have gotten e-mails over the weekend that Loblaw has reset their passwords. Meaning that even if they reset their passwords when the hack became public, they’ll have to do it again. Plus the PC Points website has this message communicating the same thing:


This is an indication that the company feels that passwords are the issue and likely continue to be an issue. As a result, they’ve taken this step to try and make the problem go away. Though you have to wonder if after making their users do this, will it address the issue or will this problem simply resurface.

I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what happens.


One Response to “Loblaw Resets The Passwords Of ALL PC Points Users For Security Reasons”

  1. […] off a incident where a security issue led to points being stolen, though it’s apparently the users fault for having weak passwords, Loblaw has pushed out updates for the PC Points app for Android and iOS. Now, what’s […]

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