iPhone 7 Plus Catches Fire On Video…. Apple Is Investigating

A viral video is of a smoldering iPhone 7 Plus is making the rounds around the Internet. The video made by Brianna Olivas, shows the device burning to the point that the case is melting away and smoke is seen coming out the side of the phone. In a statement to Mashable, an Apple spokesperson said that the company has been in touch with Olivas and is investigating. “We are in touch with the customer and looking into it,”

Here’s the video in question via her Twitter feed:

Now, does this mean that there’s a problem with the iPhone 7 Plus? Likely no. Any device that uses a lithium based battery has a risk of exploding. And iPhones have caught fire every once in a while. The thing to watch for is if this becomes a trend. As in like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle where phones were blowing up at a rate that has never been seen before or since.

Another thing to consider is the fact that maybe there’s another cause for this other than a design defect or something similar. Like using a third party charger as it has been found that these can be really dangerous. Or perhaps the phone was dropped which damaged the battery. I’m not trying to blame the victim here. I’m simply providing some perspective that we need all the facts at hand before coming to a conclusion. What will help with that is if Apple shares these facts in a complete and robust manner with the public once their investigation is complete.


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