Titan Note: Designed To Change The Way You Take Notes

Titan Note is the only voice recorder, translator, phone charger and music speaker in one. This combination of advanced technology and features make paying attention in meetings and in classrooms easier than ever. Currently, Titan Note is raising funds on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $35,000 to finalize production.

By placing Titan Note on the table or desk, the small device has the ability to accurately record everything that is spoken and save it within the iOS and Android application. Within this application, users are able to summarize the transcription to get a quick review of the notes at any time as well as edit it to make sure the most important information is always seen.

Titan Note is programmed to have the ability to translate the text into ten different languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian and Danish. By being able to translate the text, users are able to share notes with clients around the world and use it in foreign countries where the language is not easily understood by the user.

The device is pocket-sized for easy transportation and takes up less space than a notebook and pen. Titan Note fits into backpacks, purses, briefcases, suitcases and more. Additionally, Titan Note is water resistant for rainy days or accidental spills on the desk. To complete the list of features, Titan Note can also double as a powerful speaker and smartphone charger to emergency charges. The Bluetooth anti-lost system ensures one never leaves their Titan Note behind because a ping will be sent to their phone through the app alerting them.

Titan Note is currently being sold for $75 on Indiegogo. To learn more about Titan Note or to pre-order, visit bit.ly/TitanNoteIGG.


One Response to “Titan Note: Designed To Change The Way You Take Notes”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I wear a cochlear implant. Without it I’m completely deaf. This would save my life!! It it works, I can use it in meetings, classroom, groups, and even church! Looking forward to receiving a Titan Note.

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