PSA: Windows Vista Has Four Weeks Before It Goes EOL

The mistake from Redmond known as Windows Vista goes End of Life (EoL) four weeks today. If you’re running it for whatever reason, it really is time you bought a new computer. Or at least a new operating system. But you’ll likely be doing the former as the computer you’re running Vista on is likely not powerful enough for Windows 10.

So, why should you care? Let me list the reasons:

  • It will be a security nightmare as no more security related patches will come out for the OS or for Internet Explorer 9 which is the last version of IE that runs on the OS. That will leave you open to being pwned by hackers.
  • Applications are no longer being written or updated for the OS. So forget about running everything from Firefox to the latest copy of Office on Vista.

But if you don’t believe me, here’s the official Microsoft party line on the subject for your reading pleasure. I suggest that you take heed of these warnings and plan to update before April 11 which is the date the good times stop for Vista.


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