Security Expert Exposes Phishing Gang That Targets Victims of iPhone Theft

Brian Krebs is one of the foremost experts in computer security having broken a number of stories that cover topics such as Spam, ATM skimming and the like. Now he’s do it again by showing you a phishing gang that is targeting victims of iPhone theft. You see, with the Find My iPhone feature and Activation Lock, any stolen iPhone can be remotely erased and bricked making them worthless. Thus criminals are now resorting to Phishing to bypass Apple’s security. Krebs in turn has exposed one gang who is renting out their services to iPhone thieves everywhere. I encourage you to read the article as it is very eye opening.

In the meantime, if you lose your iPhone or it is stolen, Find my iPhone is a great way to make that stolen iPhone a high tech paperweight. Here’s a link to everything that you need to know about Find My iPhone. More importantly, if you get an e-mail or a text message from someone claiming to be Apple saying that your phone has been found, do not click any links inside the text message. Apple will never send a message like this and all you will do is give the bad guys the means to sell your iPhone.


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