Review: Harvest

When you first start watching Harvest, you’re going to wonder what exactly the plot is. That’s the experience that my wife and I had when we viewed it. I’ll get to that in a bit and I will try not to give away too much of the plot of this 11 minute documentary. But let me tell you what you will see. You’ll follow a woman named Jenni, he two children, and her husband as she goes through life doing the things that normal families do. Go to work, go to school. Everything is well shot and well paced. But you’ll notice two things as you watch. The first is that from time to time you’ll see longitude and latitude co-ordinates printed on the screen. The second is the prominence of a device that most of us carry. The smart phone. Both of those will conspire by the end of the movie to make you think about how you use the latter and who gets to know that information. This is one of those movies that starts out slow, and hits you at the end with an inescapable conclusion that you cannot ignore. In this case that strategy works because it is only 11 minutes long.

Harvest is directed by Kevin Byrnes and is showing at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto on Sunday May 7th at 6PM. This documentary is going to make you think, and because of that I recommend that you set aside time to see it.


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