Bunz Podcast Network Announced

Fresh new voices are coming out of the passionate & intelligent Bunz community, and now they’re getting microphones via the creation of the Bunz Podcast Network.
Their flagship podcast, ISO is already 44 episodes deep .  Recent guests have included Viceland host/recording artist Cadence Weapon, Spacing co-founder and author Shawn Micallef and comedians Nirvanna The Band The Show.
Four new shows are being added to the mix:
  • The Crystal Ballroom – a show where bands get their tarot cards read, and discuss their past, present and future as artists. Upcoming guests include Tokyo Police Club and The Darcys.
  • 2084  a show about sustainability, hosted by documentary filmmaker (“Sustainable Joes”) Stephen Szucs, who lived off the grid for a year in Toronto, while producing only a single bag of garbage.
  • You Gotta Love It – a show in which two hosts (and guests) debate the merit of pop culture’s best and worst triumphs. Recent guests include animators from Rogue One.
  • And coming soon… Girly Mags – a show where a comedians wax nostalgic about their childhoods by reading 90s teen magazines and taking the quizzes.
The network’s producer, Kohji Nagata has written a blog for us about the new shows, found here:  http://blog.bunz.com/bunzpodcastnetwork

The content that they produce ranges from lighthearted and quirky, to exchanging ideas around serious issues like emergency responders & sustainability. All hosts are Bunz members, and the shows’ themes reflect some of the pillars of the Bunz ethos, particularly around the idea of taking something old and making it new again (Girly Mags), acting to improve the world around us (2084), finding common ground (You Gotta Love It), and making meaningful connections (Crystal Ballroom).



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