CaptoGlove Announces Pre-Sale Deal & May Retail Rollout

In only a few months since its first public unveiling, the ground-breaking CaptoGlove has impressed leading VR experts; wowed gadget-lovers and gamers at CES and GDC; was 163% funded on Kickstarter and secured another successful round of private investment.  Now the world’s first wireless wearable controller for video games, virtual reality, smart devices and more has entered production and is expected to begin hitting retail outlets such as Amazon and Gadget Flow later this month.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.16.02 PM.png

Starting today and running through May 21, CaptoGlove is celebrating this milestone by offering consumers a final opportunity to buy the glove for a discount of $40 off of one glove from


The first CaptoGlove prototype was created more than five years ago as an innovative way to help regain coordination and mobility after a stroke.  Its success in health rehabilitation was extraordinary and its incredible precision allowed the glove to be applied to military pilot training.  Again delivering unparalleled results with the neurocognitive aspect of flight simulation, CaptoGlove was then enhanced to become a next-generation controller for video games, virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, drones, healthcare and professional training, smart home products, and almost any modern device that connects via Bluetooth.

See a wide variety of videos of CaptoGlove in action, including controlling video games, virtual reality, FlightSim, smart devices, as well as the story behind the glove’s creation on their official YouTube channel.

CaptoGlove key features include:

  • Intuitive Control – CaptoGlove interprets natural hand movement as control gestures, which allows for a quick and easy learning curve.  Create up to 20 control gestures per glove (or 40 with a pair). All gestures are completely customizable through the free iOS/Android/PC app;
  • Gaming Ready – CaptoGlove can be used to play any past, present or future PC game, delivering a uniquely immersive experience on a variety of platforms including VR, AR, XR, first person shooters, flight/racing sims, and more;
  • Plug & Play – Connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to virtually any device.  No need for a specially prepared area or additional equipment such as trackers or cameras. CaptoGlove delivers up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge;
  • Endless Application Potential – Its smart design and upcoming SDK release will offer tech enthusiasts a wealth of potential uses.  From health rehabilitation and smart home device control, to piloting drones and professional training for police, first responders, pilots, doctors, etc.;
  • Quality – Textile developed in Italy with world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch.  Comfortable, breathable and made from high quality textiles that can be washed by removing a single sensor.



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