The IT Nerd Mothers Day Gift Guide For 2017

For the fourth year in a row, I am posting a Mother’s Day Gift where I’m offering up some high tech gift ideas for mom:

For Moms, providing the healthiest home possible for their families is a top priority. The Healthy Home Coach is the perfect accessory to help Moms do just that. Whether monitoring the air quality level to make sure the home environment is healthy, or the right humidity levels for a child with asthma, the Healthy Home Coach measures what matters, highlights potential problems, and tells Moms how to fix them. You can read my review of the Healthy Home Coach here. Expect to pay $119 for one.


Indoor security camera Welcome has face recognition technology so Moms on-the-go will always know who’s at home – whether it’s loved ones or a stranger. Even remotely, busy Moms can know if their children are back from school and who are the friends they come home with. Welcome sends the names of the faces it sees to Mom’s smartphone, and alerts them in the event of an intruder. You can read my latest review of the Welcome camera here. Expect to pay $219 for one.


If Mom needs a great smartphone, have a look at the ZTE Grand X 4 which is a phone at a low price that packs a lot of value. You can get it for $99 on a two year plan if the plan is $45 or more and you get flagship phone level features as part of the bargain. Read my review of the Grand X 4 here.


The Tile Mate & Tile Slim will help Mom keep track of all her stuff using her smartphone. It’s easy to set up and works with Android and iOS phones. Pricing is $25 for each Tile Mate and $30 for the Tile Slim. Read my review here.


NewerTech has a variety of options for Mom. Starting with these sweet looking laptop covers which start at $17.99 and keyboard covers which start at $11.99 that can add a dash of style to Moms MacBook or MacBook Pro. If she’s more of an iPad person, how about a premium leather case for her iPad starting at $129.99? If she’s an iPhone person, the NuGuard KX cases for iPhones starting at $49.99 may be more her style.


Learning a new language might be something that Mom could really go for. There’s no better way to do it than by using Babble. Mom can use it on her computer or smartphone to learn a number of languages easily. Read the review that my wife did on Babble here.


Do you have any other suggestions for Mom? If so, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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    The IT Nerd Mothers Day Gift Guide For 2017 | The IT Nerd

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    The IT Nerd Mothers Day Gift Guide For 2017 | The IT Nerd

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    The IT Nerd Mothers Day Gift Guide For 2017 | The IT Nerd

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    The IT Nerd Mothers Day Gift Guide For 2017 | The IT Nerd

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