Spark Headphones Now Live On Kickstarter

Spark has designed unique laser headphones and has started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to make them available to all. For many months, the company has worked on developing the headphones and creating prototypes. The glowing LED lights of the headphone wires provide more visibility for runners on the road, helping them feel safer. Upon reaching its crowdfunding goal, Spark will be able to deliver the headphones that spark” in blue and pink. If the campaign exceeds its goal, the company will be able to offer more colors.


Spark Headphones offer a gentle glow with technology made from luminescence wires. The glowing does not release electromagnetic radiation; therefore, the headphones are very safe for continuous use. Music listeners may keep their headphones glowing for 5 hours before needing to recharge.

Listening to music on the regular non-glow mode does not require batteries. With three settings, music listeners may express themselves in a unique way. The wires may be set to a glowing, flashing or traditional non-glow mode. The flashing mode illuminates to the rhythm of the music.

Useful functionalities that are expected in modern earbuds are incorporated into the Spark Headphones design. The product’s cable control includes a built-in HD microphone, available for phone conversations. Users are also able to switch songs and change the volume with the product’s intuitive controls. All of these functions combined with exceptional sound, excellent ear comfort and lasting construction make the unique glowing headphones a desired new product.

Supporters can obtain the new product by pledging to the Kickstarter campaign, and receive a hefty discount on the fashionable headphones.  Visit or the Spark Headphones Kickstarter campaign to support the campaign and be among the first to own a set of Spark Headphones.


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