Cost To Unlock An iPhone If You’re The FBI: $900K USD

It’s now come to light that the FBI paid $900K USD to a group of iPhone hackers (likely Cellebrite) to unlock the iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino shooter according to Senator Diane Feinstein had inadvertently given out the number during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director James Comey. Let me supply you with the visual evidence below. Feinstein’s oops moment comes at the 2 hour and 55 minute mark:


What’s interesting about this is that they paid $900K to get absolutely nothing as nothing of value was found on the phone. And started a legal war with Apple in the process because Apple refused to unlock the phone. Not to mention that The Associated Press, Vice Media, and USA Today have taken the FBI to court over the the fact that the law enforcement agency isn’t serving up details on this topic. Thus I have to wonder if this was all worth it in the end.

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