BREAKING: Bell Customer Info Leaked… More Leaks May Be Coming

CBC is breaking a story where 1.9 million Bell customer email addresses and some other info have been leaked by a hacker and more may be coming:

It is not clear when the breach occurred, how the data was accessed, or how long the attacker had access to Bell’s systems.

A person or group alleging to be behind the attack wrote in a post online that they were “releasing a significant portion of’s data due to the fact that they have failed to cooperate with us.”

“This shows how Bell doesn’t care for its customers safety and they could have avoided this public announcement,” the post continues. “Bell, if you don’t cooperate more will leak :)”

Bell has apologized for the leak, and affected customers have been contacted, but questions remain. How did this happen? And what will Bell do to ensure that this never happens again? How about the fact that it looks like this hacker was communicating with Bell? What was that all about? There’s serious questions here that Bell needs addressing. I want to see a response from Bell that is fulsome and complete when it comes to this. But knowing Bell, that likely won’t happen. Though, they are free to surprise me.


One Response to “BREAKING: Bell Customer Info Leaked… More Leaks May Be Coming”

  1. […] this week I told you about Bell having customer data leak and the possibility that more leaks would be coming. It now seems that the reason for the leak was the fact that Bell ignored a ransom demand from the […]

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