Apple Released A Pile Of Updates Yesterday… All Of Them Are Security Related

Yesterday, Apple released updates for macOS (10.12.5), iOS (10.3.2), tvOS (10.2.1), and watchOS (3.2.2), not to mention iTunes and iCloud for Windows. In other words, pretty much every iDevice and iService got an update of some sort. Now no new functionality was added in any of these updates, and only a tiny amount of bugs were fixed that almost made it not Apple’s while to release these updates.

So why bother? The answer is security. If you take a look at this page and click on each update, you’ll see that Apple’s goal was to fix a bunch of security related issues. If you add them all up, you’ll get 67 security fixes. That’s not a trivial number. But it is indicative of the times that we live in as nothing is immune from being pwned. I’d recommend updating all your iDevices and iServices ASAP as it is certain that now that these security issues are public, the forces of evil will be exploiting them shortly.


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