ASUS and Make-A-Wish Team Up To Delight A Young Gamer

Seeing as the news lately has been rather depressing, I figured that I’d serve up a good news story for you.

In a perfect example of a ‘player vs. environment’ gaming move, where players team up against enemies rather than each other, Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon, Best Buy Canada Ltd. and ASUS Canada have come together to grant the computer gaming wish of nine-year-old Kenny. The common enemy everyone is trying to defeat? Leukemia, which Kenny is battling.

Kenny’s wish was revealed to him in-store at Best Buy’s Vancouver Island Uptown Mall location, where ASUS had flown in various items, including a high-end Republic Of Gamers gaming desktop, dual monitors, premium accessories and gaming apparel from eSports team, Echo Fox, to make Kenny’s gaming wish an above-and-beyond experience. Best Buy for Business donated a brand new desk, surround sound system, software and accessories to complete the gaming ecosystem.

As for Kenny, he’s excited to get his new gear home and set up, so that he can try out his new gaming environment as soon as possible.

“We appreciate Make-A-Wish granting Kenny a wish,” said Kenny’s mom, Mary. “We’re all excited for him, and hopefully this will bring him lots of good times, to help us forget about the bad times. We’d like to thank Make-A-Wish, and all the donors and volunteers, who have helped to make this happen.”


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