Zomato Pwned….. Data Of 17 Million Users’ Data Briefly Appears On Dark Web

Another day, another data breach. This time it’s Zomato and the hack is big. Here’s the details via HackRead:

Recently, HackRead found out a vendor going by the online handle of “nclay” is claiming to have hacked Zomato and selling the data of its 17 million registered users on a popular Dark Web marketplace.

The database includes emails and password hashes of registered Zomato users while the price set for the whole package is USD 1,001.43 (BTC 0.5587). The vendor also shared a trove of sample data to prove that the data is legit. Here’s a screenshot of the sample data publicly shared by “nclay.”

The company via a blog post has acknowledged that they’ve been pwned. Passwords have apparently been reset and Zomato are looking for any breaches in their system. But they also say that any credit card info that is stored on the system is secure. Thus there’s nothing to worry about. I am not so sure. If there’s a breach, anything could have been taken. And chances are it will only be discovered and/or admitted to much later. Thus, I’ll provide my standard advice. Assume the worst and take whatever precautions that you need to so that you’re protected.


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