#Fail: Ashley Madison Victims Get Lame Offer To Make Data Breach Issues Go Away

The Ashley Madison hack and data breach was a huge story in 2015. A total of 37 million people were outed as cheaters and lawsuits started to fly. Not to mention the damage to careers and relationships. Now Ruby Corp who owns Ashley Madison is serving up $11.8 million to make this go away. But let’s do some math here. There are 37 million victims and there’s a pot of $11.8 in play. That works out to about $2 a person.


Now to be fair, victims who have suffered what the company terms a “valid loss” will be eligible for a compensation payout of up to $3,500. But let’s think about this. Considering that this company’s beyond half-assed IT security literally ruined lives, these dollar amounts seem incredibly lame to me.

Seeing that according to the press release that I linked to above that a court has to sign off on this, I for one am hoping that this deal is not approved by said court and people affected by said half-assed IT security are able to make this company pay and pay big time. It won’t fix what happened in their lives, but it will send a message that companies of all stripes need to be completely and totally responsible for customer data or very bad things will happen to them.



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