Vantage Data Centers Launches VR-Enabled, 3D Virtual Tour of Facility Under Construction

cept3D has announced that Vantage Data Centers has launched the company’s atlas3D interactive map and virtual tour platform.

Vantage is the first enterprise data center to launch the atlas3D platform complete with MapSpacer, a powerful tool for designing and demonstrating data center layouts, including 3D models, rack layout, and other equipment configurations, and Xplorer Virtual Tour, an immersive virtual tour system that allows prospective customers – from anywhere in the world – to experience the data center design and layout, including amenities, data halls and other aspects that the campus offer their clients. Together, Xplorer Virtual Tour and MapSpacer can be used to offer immersive tours of buildings that are still under construction.

Vantage Data Centers has two growing campuses in Silicon Valley and one in Quincy, Washington, with a combined total of 57 megawatts (MW) of critical IT load. The company has an additional 93MW of expansion capacity under construction and in development in Santa Clara.

More info about concept3D’s atlas3D Interactive Map and Virtual Tour Platform, used by hospitals, convention centers, commercial real estate companies, major universities, retirement communities and economic development agencies, among others:


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