Apple Is Quietly Exiting Music Player Biz

Remember the days when you bought an iPod and you had hundreds if not thousands of songs in your pocket? Well, those days are apparently over as the iPad Nano and iPod Shuffle are dead as of yesterday if you check Apple’s website. On top of that, the iPod Touch lineup has been pared down. You can now only get the 32GB and 128GB variants. Other than that, the device has otherwise been basically unchanged since 2015. Thus you have to wonder how much longer it will be along.

This essentially brings an end to an era for the iPod. I remember when the device first popped up in 2001 with 5GB of storage which held up to 1000 songs and had a then unusual Firewire interface. It was a Mac only device at the time, but soon migrated over to the PC side of the fence. It also kicked off the iTunes software along with the iTunes store to buy music. The latter proved that digital music sales could work. I guess now that everybody and their dog has a smartphone, standalone music players aren’t a viable business. Thus it shouldn’t come as a shock that Apple has started to put an end to their stand alone music players.


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