Jupyter Notebooks Add Hands-On Coding To Live Online Courses

O’Reilly Media announced that the company’s popular live online training courses now offer an even more immersive, hands-on learning experience. Select courses now feature Jupyter Notebooks, which let students do live coding and data analysis right in their browser, alongside their instructor’s course materials. O’Reilly CTO Andrew Odewahn demoed a “Powered by Jupyter” course in his keynote at the inaugural JupyterCon conference in New York on August 25.

O’Reilly is launching with six “Powered by Jupyter” courses on popular data science topics including TensorFlow, natural language processing, and statistics. Presented live and in real time via the company’s Safari platform, each course will be offered multiple times this Fall. Additional courses on a broad range of programming topics are in the works.

“Powered by Jupyter” courses are the newest of the Safari platform’s rich mix of learning formats, including Live Online Training, video Learning Paths, complete video of all O’Reilly conferences, and deep corpus of ebooks and training videos on business and technology topics from more than 200 publishers. Safari is designed to work for today’s learners, whether they are experienced practitioners who need “just in time” information, business leaders who need “just enough” to make smart decisions, or skill-builders who need to learn something new, from the beginning.


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