The Great Canadian Road Trip: Part 11 – Sydney To Moncton

Today we left our hotel in Sydney NS and headed to Moncton. In another example of #FirstWorldProblems, my wife and I decided to go to Starbucks for coffee. This was the same Starbucks that we went to prior to boarding the ferry to Newfoundland and is the only Starbucks location for kilometers. Too bad their point of sale system was down. They were only accepting cash. They weren’t accepting:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Starbucks cards
  • Starbucks Rewards

For my wife and I, this is a big deal because we both use the Starbucks apps and we have been hoarding our Starbucks Rewards (in my case, I started this trip with 28 rewards which give me access to a free food or drink per reward. I currently have 19 after using a few on breakfast before the ferry crossing. My wife started this trip 7 rewards after starting with 8) specifically for this trip so that we can consume all the Starbucks coffee and food that we need to keep us fueled. Today, to get our fix we had to pay cash and we couldn’t collect stars to earn additional rewards on top of that. It was so frustrating, my wife wrote an e-mail to Starbucks expressing her point of view on this. She would have used the app to complain, but apparently the Starbucks app for iOS does not have that ability.

Like I said, this is a #FirstWorldProblem.

Once we got over this, we started making our way to Moncton. We traversed the same roads that a week ago were kind of sketchy and even caused an accident that we stumbled upon. Today they were scenic but still sketchy. I’ll show you the former with these pics from the Nikon COOLPIX W300 camera:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along the way we went across Nova Scotia and came across sections of The Blue Route which is a network of cycling routes that is in the process of being built that will offer routes on secondary highways with paved shoulders, low traffic volume roads, hard surfaced trails, and city streets. These will eventually connect the entire province. My wife and I agreed that our next trip with our bikes should be here.

We took a couple of detours along the way. First, I needed to grab some cash from an ATM, so we made a stop in Springhill New Brunswick where we stumbled upon this:


This is the Anne Murray Center which showcases the life and times of internationally acclaimed songstress Anne Murray who was born in the town and still has roots there. To my surprise, a tour bus rolled up while we were there and dozens of people walked off the bus into this building. Since opening its doors in July of 1989, the Anne Murray Centre has welcomed more than 400,000 visitors from around the world. Mindblowing.

The next detour was to Port Elgin New Brunswick to visit an uncle of an associate of mine who was offering up some east coast clam chowder. These were all fished personally by the uncle in question. The reason we went an hour out of our way for this is that my wife had some of this a month ago and it was amazing according to her. Thus we managed to score four more mason jars of the stuff.

We then finally made it to Moncton in the late afternoon and checked into the Chateau Moncton which was a very nice place the last time we were there. It was still a nice place this time. Plus unlike the place that we stayed at yesterday, the WiFi was speedy and I was able to get all the photos that had been queued up onto iCloud and shared with my wife in short order. We ended up going to Catch 22 which was busy enough to require reservations. But it was worth it as this is what my wife ended up having:


That’s a 1.5 pound lobster and she polished it off with ease. I stuck with fish n’ chips and I had this east coast beer: DSCN0001.JPG

It tasted a lot like English ales that I was used to. I almost had a second because it was that good, but I had to save myself for a B-52 specialty coffee paired with a homemade lava cake that would make anyone who isn’t diabetic suddenly get the disease. But if you did, it would be well worth it.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. We are making two last minute detours on our way to Quebec City. One is tourism related. One is car related. We’ll fill you in on the details at this time tomorrow.


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