iPhone Resale Economy Stats From eBay Canada

With the iPhone 8 model set to release shortly, here’s some data from eBay Canada about the iPhone economy that’s created around launch time:

While eBay is a popular place for Canadians to buy and sell iPhones all year long (in the last year alone, a device was both bought and sold by a Canadian approximately every 10 minutes), an uptick in activity is noted around the release cycle of a new iPhone model.

Looking back at 2016, shortly after the iPhone 7 launch, a previous generation iPhone was bought or sold by a Canadian every 5 minute on eBay. Also, iPhone listings by Canadians increased by more than 30% from the beginning of August to the end of October last year.

Here are some additional interesting stats:

  • Over the last three years, the average sale price of the previous generation iPhone available to Canadians on eBay dipped by nearly 10% the month after a new generation was released
  • The conditions of iPhones Canadians are buying and selling on eBay are ~20% new, ~70% used, ~10% refurbished
  • To-date, the most popular iPhone model purchased by Canadians on eBay is the iPhone 5s
  • The most popular iPhone model sold by Canadians on eBay, is the iPhone 4s
  • The current average selling prices for the following iPhone models available to Canadians on eBay are:
    • iPhone 7 Plus – $705 CAD
    • iPhone 7 – $616 CAD
    • iPhone 6s Plus – $368 CAD
    • iPhone 6s – $251 CAD
    • iPhone 6 Plus – $258 CAD
    • iPhone 6 – $173 CAD

For everything iPhone-related, including the latest available products and an easy-to-follow process to create an eBay iPhone listing, you can go to ebay.ca/iPhone.


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