MD Home Call Acquired By National Home Doctor Service

Home Call Doctor visits support a growing trend for patients who may otherwise go to a walk-in clinic or get no care at all. Patients may have no family doctor or can’t get in to see their physician in a timely manner. It brings care right to the door of those with no transportation, such as seniors without a driver’s license or disabled patients who can’t access bus service. In addition, it helps those who can’t leave their homes, like a mom who has no one to babysit her other kids while she takes a sick child to a walk-in clinic or a patient with an injury that limits mobility. Technology is a huge part of what connects the doctor to the patient.

MD Home Call (MDHC), a leader in connecting patients and physicians in the Greater Toronto area for doctor house call and visits has been using technology to connect the two. MDHC is equipped with a custom mobile Electronic Medical Record(EMR) which flows information taken at the call center triage level to physicians and allows the physicians to maintain data on each patient. This advanced process, is very important as many of our patients are bedridden and remain too sick to leave their homes for several days. These patients require follow up from a doctor and MDHC is uniquely positioned to do this thanks to the retention of this medical record. Further, the service is able to provide this data at anytime to the patient should they need it in a future interaction with a long-term family physician or if they are admitted to a hospital where the data may be required to the patient or healthcare provider. In addition, MDHC uses route optimization algorithms in order to maximize the earnings of physician partners (the single most challenging part of this business).

This week, MDHC has been acquired by Crescent Capital backed National Home Doctor Service (NDHS). This acquisition significantly expands the company’s leadership position in the home patient house calls industry. NDHS based is Australia’s largest network of home visiting doctors with offices in Canada. NDHS’ role is to provide treatment of acute, episodic illness and injury to patients at home, when they urgently need to see a doctor, but their GP is closed. By providing this service, they are supporting the family General Practitioner by ensuring their patients have 24 hours access to quality primary care. Through the acquisition, NDHS will bring the same quality care to Canada.


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