Should You Upgrade To The Series 3 Apple Watches? Here’s Some Thoughts

Last week I did an article on whether one should upgrade to the latest versions of the iPhone. As a result of that article, I got emails asking me to do the same thing for the Apple Watch. So in the interest of helping those Apple Watch owners who are undecided about upgrading to Apple’s latest and greatest, here’s a few thoughts on the subject:

  • If you own an original Apple Watch or a Series 1 Apple Watch, you should upgrade: The Series 3 Apple watch is way faster than either the original Apple Watch or a Series 1 Apple Watch. Plus it packs a lot more functionality in it. Thus an upgrade would be worthwhile to do.
  • If you own a Series 2 Apple Watch, you might want to stick with what you have for another year: The Series 2 Apple Watch was a huge leap over the Series 1 or the original Apple Watch. So while there are speed gains to be had with the Series 3,  upgrading your Series 2 to watchOS 4 may gain you enough of a speed boost to make it worthwhile to hang on to what you have. At least for another year.
  • What if I want the cellular functionality of the Series 3?: If you really must have the cellular version of the Series 3 Apple Watch, then nothing I say is going to stop you. But consider these points. One is that you can’t roam with it according to MacRumors. Two is that despite the addition of LTE, according to Mobile Syrup, the iPhone that it is paired to has to be turned on and connected to the Internet for it to fully function. In other words, despite the fact that this is the third version of the Apple Watch, it’s the first version with LTE. And those who dive into the first version of an Apple product always regret it because the second version will be the one you actually want. In this case, it will likely have addressed both of those limitations. Thus as interesting as a LTE version of an Apple Watch is, you may want to sit this version out and wait until next year.
  • What else am I getting besides LTE in a Series 3 Apple Watch?: Besides the LTE functionality (which by the way you can not go for and save some cash) you get better WiFi, a faster processor (70% faster than the Series 2 Apple Watch), 16 GB of memory in the LTE version (as opposed to 8 in previous Apple Watches), and an altimeter similar to the ones found in the iPhone 6 and up. Oh yeah, Siri is no longer silent on the Series 3.

Hopefully that helps you make up your mind if you should upgrade to the latest Apple Watch and which one you might upgrade to. If you have any thoughts that might help readers of this article, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.


One Response to “Should You Upgrade To The Series 3 Apple Watches? Here’s Some Thoughts”

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