One Reason For Mac Users To Upgrade To High Sierra: Security At The Firmware Level

research paper from Duo Security is recommending that if you want to keep your Mac safe from certain types of pwnage, you should always be up to date with your OS. That’s because according to new research Pre-boot software on Macs is often outdated, leaving Apple fans at a greater risk of being pwned. For example, users would be vulnerable to exploits such as Thunderstrike and attacks originally developed by the NSA and exposed in the WikiLeaks Vault 7 data dumps as they rely on out-of-date firmware. This of course ignores the other security fixes that come with OS upgrades such as the recently released High Sierra.

Now how does High Sierra fix this? It automatically checks and updates the firmware if required when it installs. Not only that, it also checks said firmware on a regular basis to make sure that it hasn’t been pwned by a hacker. Further info on this can be found in a related blog post where Duo Security said that users should not only upgrade to High Sierra, but users should also check if they are running the latest version of firmon their Macs, and it has released a tool to help them to do that.


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