AirDroid Arrives For iOS

AirDroid, the popular cross-screen management application, today announces its debut on Apple Store, making it possible for users to transfer files wirelessly and remotely between iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices for free! AirDroid brings a lighter version to iOS, sporting its signature features including “File Transfer”, “Files” and “Nearby” to empower iOS users first time ever transferring and managing files freely across screens and OSs even without the internet. To kick off, users who download AirDroid on iOS from today to 24:00 15 October (GMT+0) will get a one month premium for free to celebrate the big step for AirDroid to reach out to all iOS users.

As the demand for working across multi-screens and OSs increases, iOS users are still struggling with transferring files to or manage iOS from non-iOS clients. Building upon its commitment – “Delight your multi-screen life” – AirDroid’s launch on iOS responds to growing requests from multi-devices owners, bridging the social and the continuity gap for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users.

Inheriting its wireless tradition, AirDroid on iOS empowers users to transfer photos, URLs, screenshots, and files from iOS devices to any of their other screens using the “Transfer Files” feature without a USB cable. Moreover, via, users are able to organize files and photos from desktops anytime, no installation needed, solving the hassle iOS users always have.

Meanwhile, AirDroid beats its competitors by adding powerful features such as “Nearby”and add “Friends”. These features further enhance the social experience of sharing documents with friends without limitation of the proximity or restriction of the internet.Other features such as “Clipboard,” “Videos,” and “Photos” further refine the continuity of the cross-screen experience for users on Android or iOS devices.

The latest version of AirDroid advances the seamless experience for its users and serves a wider range of users. AirDroid iOS 1.0 is now available from either one of the links below: (Browser)

itms-apps:// (iPhone)


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