Equifax Won’t Be Getting That $7 Million Contract From The IRS….. For Now

Politico is reporting that the $7 million dollar contract that the IRS gave Equifax to do fraud prevention…. Yes that same Equifax that was pwned in epic fashion…… Has been suspended:

The IRS plans to continue reviewing the security of Equifax’s systems during the suspension. The agency had previously said its hands were tied and it had to keep the contract with Equifax.

“The IRS emphasized that there is still no indication of any compromise of the limited IRS data shared under the contract. The contract suspension is being taken as a precautionary step as the IRS continues its review,” agency spokesman Matthew Leas said in a statement.

What could they possibly be reviewing? This is a company that had such craptastic IT practices that it was on the wrong end of the most epic pwnage in history. If that’s not of a reason to steer clear of them, I do not know what would be.

Sometimes, you have to just shake your head.


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