Over Half Of Gen Zs Interested In On-Demand Work: Intuit

From the rise of automation to the explosion of the on-demand and sharing economies, Intuit Canada’s latest report “Generation Z & the Future of Entrepreneurship” examines how seismic shifts in the modern economic landscape has impacted the newest generation of workers’ – Generation Z – attitudes towards their careers and entrepreneurship.

Influenced by the increasingly common side hustle and the rise of services like Uber and Airbnb, Generation Zs are more likely than any other demographic to look beyond the 9- to-5 supplement their income.

  • One in two (52 per cent) Gen Zs would consider on-demand work to make extra cash, a significant 17 per cent more than the national average.
  • One in two (48 per cent) Gen Zs would be interested in freelance or on-demand employment for future careers, and two in three Gen Zs (64 per cent) would consider entrepreneurship.

Intuit’s research also uncovered that salary doesn’t equal success for Gen Z, and neither does a traditional career. Entrepreneur topped the list of dream careers (40 per cent), beating out more traditional jobs like doctor (37 per cent), banker (27 per cent) and lawyer (25 per cent).

  • Nearly one in two Gen Zs agree that flexibility is more important than salary when it comes to their career.
  • Nine in ten (89 per cent) Gen Zs want a career that offers good work/life balance, and eight in ten (78 per cent) want to do something that makes a difference.

Members of Generation Z were brought up in the economic crisis and have witnessed firsthand the shifting nature of work and explosion of the freelance economy. In fact, a recent report from Intuit Canada in partnership with Emergent Research projects that freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers will make up 45 percent of the workforce by 2020.

You can read the report here.


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