City of Toronto endorses Wired Certification

There is nothing more frustrating in a work environment than a slow or unreliable internet connection. Starting today, Toronto businesses will be able to identify office buildings that offer the best-in-class connectivity infrastructure to keep their companies online thanks to Wired Certification. Toronto’s most forward-thinking landlords and developers are pursuing Wired Certification, the preeminent international platform that rates the connectivity and technological capacity of office buildings.

Wired Certification has officially launched in Toronto amid a radical digital transformation in a city recognized as the “Silicon Valley of the North” and a time when 99% of the GTA’s office workers said access to reliable internet is critical in a recent survey on the current state of Digital Connectivity in Toronto.

WiredScore has nine launch partners who have committed to Wired Certification for Toronto office properties: Cadillac Fairview, Hines, Menkes Developments, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Canderel, KingSett Capital, Alberta Investment Management Corporation, Bentall Kennedy, and Hullmark with more commercial landlords and developers signing up in the coming weeks.

More than four million tenants in over 1,000 buildings globally trust Wired Certification as the benchmark for internet that meets their needs. Until now there has been little information available to Toronto’s commercial tenants about the quality of internet connectivity in office spaces. Landlords use Wired Certification to provide that transparency and access to information for tenants. The WiredScore team also helps commercial owners understand and improve the digital capacity of their buildings and works with developers to design best-in-class connectivity for new developments or redeveloped properties.

After conducting an independent survey to highlight the benefits of efficient and reliable internet services in Toronto offices, WiredScore found 95% of the city’s office workers say internet outages or poor connectivity negatively impacts their companies and themselves. In addition:

  • 92.5% say companies should prioritize access to reliable connectivity when selecting office space
  • 90.5% experience connectivity problems at the office
  • 67% say poor internet connection has caused tension in the office

For more information on Wired Certification or to find Wired Certified buildings, visit:



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