Toronto-Based Rubikloud Is Organizing The Third Annual Startups Warmup Clothing Drive

Toronto-based Rubikloud is organizing the Third Annual Startups Warmup clothing drive to provide winter clothing for some of the neediest, including addicts in recovery. They are asking Toronto’s startups and tech community to host a clothing box from Dec 1st – Feb 1st, 2017. Over the past two years more than a dozen companies have participated and they are hoping to beat that this year.

The Cause: Oasis Clothing Bank:

Unlike other well-funded large organizations, Oasis is small and run on a shoestring budget. Your help could go a long way. They help support recovering addicts integrate back into society. Winter clothing is always in huge demand and short supply.

  • If you want to participate, they will bring a large box to your office. Please send an email back to committing to having this box in your office for two months (Dec 1-Feb 1).
  • A company-wide email to your team/portfolio asking them to commit any clothing (especially warm winter clothing).
  • Tweet #Startupswarmup with a photo of your box to Oasis to help raise awareness for their organization.

What Rubikloud and Oasis will be responsible for:

  • They will organize the warm clothing drive and coordinate any admin tasks with Oasis
  • They will put together a deco to put onto the clothing bin indicating you are part of the #Startupswarmup drive
  • They will drop off the clothing bin at the end of November at your office.
  • Oasis will pick up clothing bi weekly so there is no over-flow

Companies that participated either one year or both:

  • OneEleven
  • Pumpup
  • StreetConxt
  • WattPad
  • Pivotal Labs
  • Scalar
  • UXP Systems
  • MaRS Discovery
  • Hubba
  • 500 px
  • TILT
  • Canopy Labs



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