Prince Albert Police Website Defaced By Hackers

For the benefit of those outside Canada, Prince Albert is third-largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. It’s also where the website for the local police force was defaced by hackers claiming to be doing this on behalf of the terrorist group known as ISIS:

The website early Wednesday displayed the message “I Love Islamic state” and played an audio track with a man speaking in Arabic. The speech is propaganda for fundamentalist and violent actions, addressed to Muslims and glorifying ISIS fighters.  

A group named Team System Dz claims responsibility for the hacking. The group has been behind other such incidents in Canada. 

Now let me be clear. While defacing a website is technically hacking, it’s the digital equivalent of painting the side of a building with graffiti. While some skill is involved, the people behind this aren’t exactly people with 3l173 h4ck3r 5k1llz (elite hacker skills in leet speak). Now if they used this as a gateway to pull off something like take over the Prince Albert Police network, leak data or something along those lines, then I’d be impressed. But as it stands at present, while this is embarrassing to the Prince Albert Police, the pwnage was not epic. Though I will note that Team System Dz seems to be very good at this since they popped onto the radar in 2014 as they’ve been responsible for doing this sort of thing about 300 times globally from my research. Thus I guess they deserve their notoriety for the scale of their activities if nothing else.


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