Now Might Be The Time To Get An Apple Watch

Seeing as I have a Series 2 Apple Watch, I get a lot of questions about how useful it is. For yours truly, the use case is pretty compelling as I detailed in my review. But for most people, beyond the fitness functions, that isn’t the case. But I think that’s about to change because of two recent developments:

  1. The Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE: For the first time, we now have an Apple Watch that for the most part, is independent of the iPhone. By the most part I mean that it has to be paired with the iPhone, and said iPhone has to be on and connected to the Internet via WiFi or cellular, but beyond that, it doesn’t have to be anywhere near the watch. That starts to move the conversation away from the Apple Watch being an iPhone accessory to being more of a independent device that is capable of doing way more than it does now. Sure there is some work that still has to be done. For example, it would be nice if Apple made paring it with an iPhone optional, and it would be nice if you could roam overseas with it. But all things considered, this is a major step forward.
  2. All Apple Watch apps need to be native apps by next year: Apple just yesterday announced that as of April 1, 2018, Apple Watch apps need to be native apps. That means that as of that date, any app on the watchOS platform needs to be able to connect anywhere and anytime, even without a phone nearby. It also means that apps will likely run faster as well and be more stable. But the reason why you should case is that if you have the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3, it will make it even more independent than it actually is. Though I suspect that owners of Series 2 Apple Watches will see some benefit as well.

These two moves will create a use case that will make Apple hard to beat in the wearables space in which they already are number one. In short, it will create a use case to a very broad set of users that will make the Apple Watch a compelling purchase. And as they address the things that I mentioned in point number one, it only strengthens that position.

Thus if you are on the fence about getting an Apple Watch, now might be the time to get one as Apple is clearly making moves to ensure that you have a reason to get one that is extremely compelling, and their number one position in the wearables market is solidified.


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