Rogers Continues To Struggle With Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Messaging While Bell Circles To Steal Their Customers

It really seems that Rogers continues to muddy the waters with how they are communicating to customers when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. When I last covered this story, readers brought to me examples where Rogers had flipped away from pointing at the lack of eSIM support as being the cause of them not supporting the latest Apple Watch, which was a contradiction to earlier statement that the telco has made. Now, thanks to my readers bringing it to my attention, it seems that they have done it again. This person pinged Rogers on Twitter:

Rogers responded with this:

Seeing as they keep flip flopping on this, who knows what the actual truth is. By the way, what is an “iWatch?”

Strangely, this isn’t their biggest problem at the moment. This is:

It seems that Bell who has full support for the Apple Watch Series 3 since late September is looking to snatch every Rogers customer that they can get. And that’s more than conjecture. I had off the record conversations with several Bell employees at various levels in the telco, and the the word is out to target disaffected Rogers customers who are not happy with Rogers lack of support for the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. That’s a problem if you’re Rogers. With Telus planning on having support for the latest Apple Watch on December 1st, I’m going guess that this problem is going to get worse for Rogers.

So the net result is that Rogers issues now go beyond messaging. Though not having consistent messaging doesn’t help their cause. It’s now becoming a threat to them retaining customers. Not a good place to be if you’re Canada’s largest Telco.

UPDATE: Another reader just sent me this which is not likely to help with their cause:

Since what was sent to me was an image, I hand typed the URL mentioned in the Tweet and it takes me to I’m not sure that this is going to keep customers from defecting to the competition.




6 Responses to “Rogers Continues To Struggle With Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Messaging While Bell Circles To Steal Their Customers”

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